What terms apply when buying licence weapons?

No licence weapons are handed out unless the buyer can show a valid (if applicable international) licence for the specific weapon and a personal ID.

Buyers need to apply for the licence at their local authorities and according to national laws and regulations ruling over acquisition, possession and transport of the specific weapon in question.

Details on the weapon and the seller can be found on the item page or in the mail sent when you won the bidding.

Export may require a special export licence.

Your item will not be available to collect or transport before you are granted a licence for the specific weapon. We do not charge any storage fees during this period (up to 60 days).

You must pay your invoice for the won auction even if you're still waiting for the licence, and even if the licence eventually may be denied.

Storage fees will apply 7 days after the licence has been approved and subsequently received by the auction house.

If your licence is denied, the item will be resold on your behalf.

Please contact our support for further information.

Read more about shipping of licence weapon.

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